Bruce Bookman Quality Assurance Specialist

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Assume nothing

What is a mission statement?

Our small team at company ZXY has been tasked with creating a mission statement.  And other than that simple ask, there has been no other direction given.

Has something like that ever happened in your organization?

There are an endless supply of corporate speak TLA and phrases and objectives and initiatives that everyone thinks they know or pretend to know.

What I do not see is a company that goes to the root of the exercise and ensure it is well defined.  What is it we are doing?  Why?  What are the rules?  Why do those rules exist?  What is the desired outcome?  What will we do once we have that outcome?

Managers - before you embark on some programmatic change or something like a mission statement or perhaps a new project that is going to tap thinking that your team typically does not do...  make certain you have the answers to all of the questions above.  Talk to your managers to get a handle on what the end looks like.